We are The Discov

The digital study counsellor specialized in Dutch Higher Education. We use the power of data to provide the best possible fit between student and university, ensuring universities receive their ideal candidates and students go to their dream university.


Our value

Increase your lead to application rate by 15% through our personalised matchmaking

Increase the diversity of your student population through our highly targeted campaigns

Ensure on-time graduation and reduce dropouts by getting the best fitting applicants

Make the right nuances that students need to know about your programmes

Save time and recruitment budget by focusing on students that match, are admissible and fully informed


What students really need

... is to know the full picture of their university experience before making this momentous decision. That goes way beyond subject choice and ranking tables. We believe that for a student to succeed, they also need to match their university outside of the classroom. That’s why we developed a data-driven matchmaking solution that looks at a student’s academics and background, but also their personality, budget and lifestyle.

How we do it...

Students complete needs assessment on academics, personality, budget and lifestyle

The Discov performs a data-driven analysis to develop personalized, independent study advice

Students match to your university based on their individual preferences

The Discov verifies ideal candidates and guides them to application

University receives fitting, admissible students with a high chance of success


Key Statistics

1,500 students matched monthly from

35 different countries

14 faculty customers at 4 major universities in the Netherlands

90% student satisfaction

Data-driven and student-reviewed

Who we are

Who we are

Like many good stories, this one starts with 2 friends in an unlikely place. Rohaan is from Namibia. Kasper from Belgium. We first meet at an international school in eSwatini in 2012 with high expectations of our ensuing university experience. We decide to follow different paths, yet find ourselves equally overwhelmed by the pressure and uncertainty that such a life-changing decision would bring with it.

So we invented a new way for today’s bright young minds to make the right choice. In 2019, The Discov was born.

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What our students say

"As someone who has studied internationally before, I can say I had to learn the hard way that choosing a university should be so much more than just considering the prestige of a school. In considering a Master's in the Netherlands, Discov made the process easy and really took into account the "extras" that are essential to making sure I would feel comfortable in a new university environment. Personally, I knew lecture quality, diversity, and budgeting mattered to me. Discov broke it down simply and gave me information that I wouldn't have been able to find online."

Eleni S.